Chairman's Message

The rapid growth that we have seen in many countries in Asia in the past decade is expected to continue in spite of the current global headwinds.This has brought about and will continue to bring new challenges to fire safety standards and services especially in cities with high urban population density including Singapore.

To address this, fire safety professionals have been improving fire safety design to keep pace with newer and more complex industrial and commercial developments. As members of the fire safety fraternity, the best thing we can do is to learn from each other, progress together and achieve better and more future-ready fire safety designs as well as enhanced response during an emergency. This is the aim of Fire Safety Asia Conference 2017 and is reflected through the theme “New Frontiers in Fire Safety & Emergency Response”.

The National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) is pleased to be organising the third FiSAC series. To be held in Singapore, FiSAC is an opportunity to present, share and discuss the latest fire safety developments in buildings. The Conference will also feature the Fire Safety Design Excellence Awards to recognise buildings in Singapore with outstanding fire safety design and features.

Last year, the NFEC commemorated 30 years of partnering with the community in promoting greater fire safety awareness for a safe and secure Singapore. The NFEC has been actively engaging the industrial and commercial sectors, schools and local community through various programmes. This initiative has reaped benefits, with the low number of fire calls in 2016. In fact, this is the lowest number of fire calls received by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) since 1978. The NFEC will strive to continue partnering the SCDF to increase our outreach and engagement in order to maintain the high standard of fire safety in Singapore.

On behalf of the NFEC, I would like to cordially invite all professionals to lend your unwavering support and join us in this event. I also look forward to welcoming all local and overseas delegates from the region to FiSAC 2017.