Keynote Speakers

(K1) Neil Gibbins

Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary
The Institution of Fire Engineers

Global Management of Fire and Associated Risks

Neil’s 35-year operational fire service career spanned all roles from fire-fighter to Acting Chief Fire Officer. He has over twenty years of senior management experience and practical application of incident command, fire investigation, training and development and fire prevention/protection. Neil was lead officer for fire protection within the UK Chief Fire Officers Association from 2007 to 2013. Prior to that, he chaired the working group that managed the implementation of the Fire Safety Order by English and Welsh fire services. These roles involved a wide range of fire protection challenges, from chairing a national timber frame building group to designing data capture systems to aid future targeting and evaluation. Neil is a past president of the Institution of Fire Engineers and has been CEO since 2015. Neil has been awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal and is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

(K2) Prof. Brian Jay Meacham

Associate Professor

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Framework for Facilitating Next Generation Performance-Based Building Regulations

Brian Meacham is an Associate Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, where he holds appointments in the Department of Fire Protection Engineering and in the Architectural Engineering program. He is internationally recognized as an authority on risk-informed performance-based approaches to engineering and regulation. In 2016, Brian was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Global Scholar Award to conduct research into the situation with performance- based building regulatory systems, with fire safety engineering, and the potential for shifting to a risk-informed and performance-based approach in the countries of Japan, Spain and Sweden. He also conducted research on these topics in Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Scotland during 2016. Brian is a licensed Professional Engineer in the US states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers, and a Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Workshop Trainer

Gregory Jakubowski, P.E., CSP, FSFPE

Principal and Chief Engineer

Fire Planning Associates, Washington Crossing, PA

Gregory Jakubowski is experienced in leading and improving safety and fire prevention and protection from a municipal, site and corporate perspective, including large capital projects. He is also a seasoned manager of major projects, safety, fire protection and environmental engineering design, employee training, system evaluation, hazards analysis, and preplanning and fire control methodologies.

Session Speakers

COL Alan Chow Mun Keong

Commander, 1st SCDF Division HQ

Oil Tank Fire:
SCDF’s Response Framework and Strategies

Tay Hao Giang

Past International and a Trustee and Board of Directors
The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Fire Safety Strategy for Healthcare Facilities

Dr. Peter Wilkinson

Director, The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Fire Safety Engineering Standards, Past, Present, Future

Richard Fowler

Director, The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Human Behaviour Issues & Evacuation of Elderly & Infirm Residents

Henry Ho

Managing Director, IGnesis Consultants Pte Ltd

JEWEL – A Performance-Based Design Approach

Gregory Jakubowski

Principal and Chief Engineer, Fire Planning Associates, Inc.

Mitigating Fire Risk Involving Flammable Liquids in Pharmaceutical Plants and Research Facilities

Dr. Amer Magrabi

Principal – Fire Engineering, Lote Consulting – Fire | Risk | Security

The Lacrosse ACP Façade Fire – Post Incident Analysis, Building Code Changes and the New Australian Façade Fire Test Standard

Chief William Stewart (Ret.)

Director & Past International President, The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Wind Driven High-Rise Fire

Ron Diaper

Technical Director, Colt Ventilation East Asia Pte Ltd

The Use of Performance-Based Designs for Smoke Control System

Neil Gibbins

Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary
The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Inquest into a Firefighter Fatality

Dr. Louis A. Gritzo

Vice President, Research, FM Global

Sprinkler Research for High Challenge Storage Risk

Chao Kang

President, Taiwan Fire Protection Center Res Foundation

Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion

Brian Davey

Immediate Past International President (2016-17)
The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Solar Panel Hazards & Mitigating the Risks

David Larsen

International Sales Director, Won-Door Corporation

Using Horizontal Sliding Doors as a Means of Egress