Fire Safety Asia - Exhibition

Held in conjunction with the conference, FISAC Exhibition is the most prominent fire exhibition in Singapore and the region. Taking place only once every 3 years, the exhibition attracts both local and international fire industry professionals to Singapore for 3 days of business meetings and networking exchanges.

Exhibition Rate

Bare Space:
SGD$680/sqm (Min. 18sqm)

Bare Space: SGD$680/sqm (Min. 18sqm)

Shell Scheme:
SGD$780/sqm (Min. 9sqm)

Shell Scheme: SGD$780/sqm (Min. 9sqm)

Picture for Illustration Only

Entitlement Per 9sqm Booth:

  1. System Partition (White)
  2. Needle Punch Carpet
  3. Fascia Board reflecting Company Name
  4. 02 X Folding Chairs
  5. 01 X Information Desk
  6. 01 X 13amp Power Socket
  7. 02 X Fluorescent light
  8. 01 X Waste Paper Basket

Bare Space:
SGD$680/sqm (Min. 18sqm)

Additional Entitlement:
01 x Access Pass to Conference
01 x Access Pass to Gala Dinner